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Wheel of Balance



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Wheel of balance coaching tools

The life wheel has become a very popular coaching tool.

This video shows you how to use the life wheel and then how to adapt it to the Wheel of Business. The video focuses on how to then use this tool as a means of marketing your coaching or consulting business. Includes software that generates a wheel plotting your client’s position and generates an action plan.

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What they said...

Just had a good look at the new module and it's great!

I love the videos as they give me the stuff to say to the client when they are/aren't performing according to their targets.

The scorecard is amazing - especially as I can export from the menu direct to Powerpoint to present to the client - very neat!

Sarah Dawson-Shepherd
Business Coach
SDS Consulting Pty Ltd


About the templates & methodology

“A worthwhile quick reference manual for trainers and managers”
Gordon Tindall, General Manager, The Westhaven Association

“It will help increase the effectiveness and decrease administration time”
Julie Doherty, Human Resource Manager, The royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

“Less is more! Visual displays were clear and to the point”
Cathy York, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Delta Laboratories Pty Ltd

“A compact, easy to read management tool essential for any company serious about growth”
Greg Glennon, Northern Zone Manager, Eutectic Australia Pty Ltd

“Easy to follow – practical, step by step procedures”
Colleen West, HR Administrator, Donaldson Australia Pty Ltd

“Great, simple, effective layout”
Kerry Newman, OHS Officer, Muswellbrook Crane Services Pty Ltd

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