Instant strategic tools and training templates

Save 50-90% of the time in creating your business improvement management coaching and training programs

Access the inbuilt library of “Think Tank” coaching templates then publish instantly to the web, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word…Authoring tool easily allows for the creation of thousands of more templates.

The software also includes a visual drawing program allowing you to create organisational charts, policies and procedures and other business process diagrams similar to the way in which Microsoft Visio works.

Corprat Software and Services

The THINK TANK program will provide your business with a powerful software application and templates that will enable you to author and deliver stunning “step by step” coaching, consulting and training programs. Upgrade your planning documentation overnight!

The product comes complete with “Step by step” forms, covering a range of business process improvement areas. Corprat also provides ongoing support, training and mentoring as well innovative add on products such as Business Olympics. You will receive 6 specially designed “Step by step” coaching and training programs including over 200 visual templates covering:

Key Program Inclusions and features

    • Marketing and strategic planning analysis
    • How to increase sales
    • How to increase profits
    • How to increase Innovation
    • How to increase smployee satisfaction
    • How to increase customer satisfaction
    • Use the software to create coaching, training, self development and brainstorming workshops in minutes. Update and publish on your intranet or in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint format.
    • Alter any of the 200 templates or create thousands more using this powerful, easy to use software program.
    • Microsoft Visio comparable features. The software includes a visual drawing program allowing you to create organisational charts, policies and procedures and other business process diagrams similar to the way in which Microsoft Visio works.
    • Instant Web publishing: Update the forms and instantly export to the web, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.
    • Choose to use only the templates: All the coaching and training templates are supplied in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word format. So you can choose never to use the authoring tool.

Excellent reviews from HR Managers, CEO’s and Marketing Managers

We asked a handful of Australia’s most progressive companies to review the Think Tank Program. We included HR Managers, CEO’s and Marketing Managers in the review process, with the median score matching very good to excellent resource. These are some of their comments on the templates.

“A worthwhile quick reference manual for trainers and managers”
Gordon Tindall, General Manager, The Westhaven Association

“It will help increase the effectiveness and decrease administration time”
Julie Doherty, Human Resource Manager, The royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

“Less is more! Visual displays were clear and to the point”
Cathy York, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Delta Laboratories Pty Ltd

“A compact, easy to read management tool essential for any company serious about growth”
Greg Glennon, Northern Zone Manager, Eutectic Australia Pty Ltd



“Easy to follow – practical, step by step procedures”
Colleen West, HR Administrator, Donaldson Australia Pty Ltd

“Great, simple, effective layout”
Kerry Newman, OHS Officer, Muswellbrook Crane Services Pty Ltd

“Great resource tool for “breaking the ice” with concepts and development to engage groups in business planning and strategic development”
Mark Kuczera, Human Resources, City of Sydney RSL

“Great Material”
Andrew O’Keeffe, Human Resource Director, Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd.

“Essential business management source/reference”
Dr Carsten Matthai, Marketing Manager, Uniworld Colleges

“A simple structure to common sense”
Shannon Wright, Group Marketing Manager, Alchin & Long Group

“A great practical tool for busy leaders”
Mark Ward, National Sales and Mkting Manager, Linde Gas Pty Ltd

“It was quick and easy to pick up the concepts with minimal detailed reading”
Ron Milne, Commercial Manager, Enware Australia, Pty Ltd

“I think the templates fastrack any strategic train of thought to bring it down to implementation”
HR Manager, Legal industry

“A very practical and user friendly workbook”
Maggie Johns, National Fundraising Director, The Heart Institute Ltd

“Excellent tool for strategic planning”
Dean McCarthy, Assistant General Manager, Forster Tuncurry Memorial Services

“Easy to follow….if your company is profit driven this would be a useful tool”
Kevin O’Malley, Manager Human Resources, Hunter Health

“Simple pro-forma to implement or control most business process improvement programs”
Brian McRobbie, Marketing Manager, Visypak

“It’s simple, just make time to use it”
Dennis Purcell, General Manager, Thomas Bros, Mitsubishi

10 easy ways to recoup your investment!
1. Save Hundreds of hours in recreating the templates in your business. 2. Instantly implement management coaching programs. Expand your company's training expertise and reference material.
3. Use the forms and software to upgrade & improve your planning documentation 4. Use the software to create and update your employee policies and flowcharts.
5. Use the software to create strategy maps for each business unit. 6. Use the program as a brainstorming exercise to build better strategies.
7. Use the forms as an inhouse consultancy “step by step” auditing program. 8. Create a visual planning process to improve the quality of your planning.
9. Improve the compliance to planning by your managers by improving the user friendliness of your documentation. 10. Use the forms to immediately implement an inhouse “Business Process Improvement” goals orientated program.

Quality templates that impress and save time!
Sample Form with example

Template to be filled in

(Your clients complete this form as part of the training or consulting)
GE Model example

GE Model - Template to be filled in

Expense Reduction example

Expense Reduction - Template to be filled in

Employee Performance example

Employee Performance - Template to be filled in

Balanced Scorecard example

Balanced Scorecard - Template to be filled in

Easy Navigation

Change Node Colour and Shape

Saved Templates Easily Accessible

Export to Microsoft Programs


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