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Marketing Toolkit for coaches and consultants.

A software program that includes “real life” proven lead generation strategies, costing spreadsheets, marketing positioning plans, capability statements, PR releases, client proposals, disclaimer statement. Includes consulting processes and methodology covering over 150 management diagnostic templates and the authoring tool to create thousands more Other products for coaches & consultants

The Consultants Marketing Toolkit has everything you need to help you generate new leads and successfully convert them to clients. It contains profit improvement and money making ideas.

The Consultants Marketing Toolkit is not a theoretical product. It contains “real life” proven lead generation programs, costing spreadsheets, capability statements, marketing positioning plans, specialty generators, client proposals, telephone scripts, complete training programs and over 150 management diagnostic templates and the authoring tool to create thousands more. These templates are designed as “value add” lead generation templates or could be used as consulting or training templates.

Building a profitable practice – PR releases, tips and tools.

  1. Resurrecting old clients: You’ve done past work for a client. You are not quite sure how you are going to start a dialog with the client without feeling like you are selling. The kit provides telephone scripts to restart a relationship and over 150 forms that you could pull together

  2. Improving your Conversion Rate: Building a relationship takes time. The better the relationship you develop with your prospects the better your conversion rate. The Marketing Toolkit provides you with proposals, “step by step” guides to impress and tools to help you increase your conversion rate.

  3. Increasing your profile: Sample PR releases and guides as well as templates to help you increase your profile.

  4. Friends and acquaintances: Sample forms and templates that will help you leverage off these contacts by building not destroying these existing relationships.

You will receive 5 specially designed "Step by step" consultancy and training templates

  • How to increase Sales (includes marketing analysis)
  • How to increase Sales (includes marketing analysis)
  • How to Increase Profits
  • How to increase Innovation
  • How to increase Employee Satisfaction
  • How to increase Customer Satisfaction

Some of the templates include:-

Marketing Templates, Sales Templates, Profit Templates, Employee Morale Templates, Marketing Tools, Overview, Increase Profit, Improve Morale, Segmentation Analysis, Increase Sales And Profits, Expense Reduction, Organisational Chart, Needs Analysis, Average Value Sale, Price Discount Impact, Job Description, Positioning, Actions: Average Value Sale, Price Discount Workings, Employee TargetsTarget Market Analysis, Increase Transactions, Expense Reduction, Community Teambuilding, Strategy Planning, Actions: Increase Transactions, Expense Reduction Impact, Community Goals, Ansoff Matrix, Increase Customers, Expense Blowout Impact, Fundraising Program, Innovation, Actions: Increase Customers, Sample Incentive Schemes, Ideas, Sales Plan, Costing Sample, Incentive Request Form, Risk Analysis, Closing Techniques, Bank Evaluation, Incentive Failure, Product Lifecycle, , Bank Competitor, Employee Actual, Boston Matrix, Customer Satisfaction Map, Courier, Performance Survey, Ge Model, Customer Chain, Insurance, Employee Performance, Market Warfare, Chain Problems, Suppliers, Strategy DiscussionBuild a Brand, Survey, Tips And Tricks, Sample FlowchartStrategy Map, Indicators, Quote, Detailed Strategy Map, Indicators B, Why Plan?, Indicators C, Innovation Templates, Focus Templates, Vision, Guidelines, Innovation Overview, Goals, Organisational Goals, Contacts, Pendulum – Segments, Goal Profit, Strategy Overview, Survey Method, Market Mix, Goal Sales Growth, Market Mix, Customer Satisfaction Plot, Changing The Offer, Goal Profit Growth, Forcefield, Satisfaction By Segment, Price Change, Goal Innovation, Monitor, Customer Satisfaction Index, Purchase Pattern, Goal Employee MoraleCompany Notice, Average Life Value, Idea Generation, Goal Customer, Actual Profit, , , Business Monitoring, Actual Sales Growth, Actual Customer, Actual Innovation, Current Status, Actual Profit Growth, Charity And Team Building Ideas., Actual Employee Morale, Actual Performance.


Download a FREE full working copy of the Marketing Toolkit for evaluation. [Does not include the actual proposals, templates and consultants forms] Buy on the 30 day NO RISK trial and you get access to everything.


Fastrack your consultancy and start winning new clients using these proven

Includes: ”step by step” guides, forms and tools to help market your practice.

What they said

"Just a quick note to say thank you for suppling such a great quality product. I have wanted to start my own coaching business for sometime now, but couldnt afford the high costs involved in either setting up my own software or buying a franchised business. "

"The quality of your software and support materials have not only made it easier for me to set up my business and win clients, it makes me look very professional, as the quality I deliver to them (thanks to your products) is second to none. "

"Thanks once again and please keep me informed of any new products you have coming out."

Felix Raish Raish Business Coaching

Winning new clients – Instant Lead Generation programs

The key to any consultancy business is the ability to attract new clients. Unlike most businesses a consultant or coach can't just advertise and expect to have clients knock down the door. You need to develop a program of education that then acts as a lead generation program. The Consultant's Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • A “step by step” guide to a proven system that will help you to develop an educational program.
  • A Business Development plan that will help you to establish the program given your experience and qualifications.
  • Over 150 educational forms and tools that you can send to your prospects as part of your educational kit.
  • Tools to help you choose a profitable niche.
  • Tools to create the right message and tools and samples to get you started.
  • Tips to gain appointments.
  • Sample PR releases.
  • Sample Capability template.

Bonus Software

The Marketing Toolkit also includes its own powerful software program that will help you to create strategy maps, flowcharts, mind maps and organisational charts. Automatically export to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and even to your web browser.

Create business diagrams, graphic plans or help your clients upgrade their policies and procedures.

  • Strategy Maps
  • Flow charts
  • Organisational Charts
  • Mind Maps
  • and more

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