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What is coaching?

Business Coaching is a fairly new profession that has started to entrench itself in the business sector. Its origins of course come from the sporting arena where coaches have for centuries helped athletes achieve their goals.

Coaching is a slightly different concept to consulting. But in a nutshell, consulting implies that you identify a problem that a client has and you propose a solution. Coaching is more about the facilitation of a process so that the client can self help.

The analogy to sport is a good one and also helps us to understand the difference between consulting and coaching.

Imagine a tennis coach for instance. The coach talks to the athlete, shows the athlete where their skill levels are inadequate and then sets over a period of time a plan for the athlete to improve. The plan would enable the athlete to think for him or herself in pressure situations and determine the correct shot to play. This is called coaching.

If the coach on the other hand instructed the athlete to play a particular shot (rather than having the athlete decide on the best shot) or took the tennis racket and played a few sets for the athlete then this would be an extreme version of consulting.

Business Coaching therefore is about collaboratively seeking a solution and formulating an action plan. It looks probably at a more broader perspective and helps in the development of a process for that business to proceed. Whereas consulting is more defined around problem solving and the suggestion of specific solutions.

So what does this mean?

We should not concern ourselves with trying to define a label as to whether we are performing mentoring, consulting, coaching or facilitation. Our prime goal should be to make the client money.

In reality, the more business and consulting experience you have then the more that you will interplay multiple disciplines in the one assignment. You will both coach and at the same time steer your client toward a solution that from your experience you know is the best option. You may mentor and train.

Our philosophy at MAUS Business Systems is to ignore the constraints of definitions and concentrate on the one thing that you were employed for....to make your client money.

We provide a framework of business tools that will help you to build your practice. You might start off in a consultative process of preparing a business plan for a client. Then we teach you how to convert this consulting assignment into an ongoing coaching assignment by working with the senior managers on implementing their programs.

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How do you start a Business Consultancy & Coaching business overnight? Is there an extremely profitable niche! ...the easiest and lowest cost way to become a business consultant or coach and still have the support of an international network is to join the MAUS Accredited Partner Program!

MAUS provides a fully supported, international coaching/consultancy business opportunity that gives new and experienced business coaches, consultants, accountants and advisors all the systems, support, tools, technology and training they need to fast track to a successful Exit Strategy focused business coaching/consultancy business. This program will teach you all you need to know to generate leads, win clients and conduct successful, recurring revenue coaching assignments.

Initially, you will receive over 20 pieces of technology and will attend an intensive 4 day training program where you learn the “success model”. The accelerated training session is followed by continual support and mentoring so as to make sure that the targets you set for yourself are met and consistently maintained.

You are not alone! In fact, you become part of an international business coaching network, extending throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, America, South Africa and the Middle East.

On joining the MAUS Accredited Partner Program you will receive:
1. Training in Business Coaching and Mentoring techniques that will help you to run exit strategy and profit improvement programs for your clients.
2. A broad range of end user business technology to support the client.
3. A complete range of business technology designed for the consultancy/coaching practice that helps deliver exit readiness reports, profit improvement proposals, plans and systems easily and quickly.
4. A full range of software in the business exit strategy area (i.e. how to prepare a business for sale and help your client get the maximum sale price).
5. Comprehensive training on the processes and methodology for running a successful business.
6. Lead generation software maintained through an automated client MBA newsletter program.
7. Practice and support program which includes free access to product updates and new versions for the duration of your membership.
8. Mentor program which includes a monthly teleconference with the network, support in software methodology plus access to 20 days of revision training per annum at the MAUS Coaching College.

You will learn from the mistakes of 1000s of business coaches and consultants. Joining MAUS is about saving you the frustration and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity cost. You will be trained not only on the software applications but on how to use these applications to win clients, build profitability, leverage your time, package your services and charge on the value you provide.

“What a great experience! Thank you MAUS for this fantastic opportunity!”
Mark Ryan, MAUS Accredited Partner.

Coaching business and consulting business opportunities
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How does coaching make your business more profitable?

Some people see themselves as a consultant, others as a coach. There are definitions that separate the two.

Consultants generally deal with identifying problems and then proposing solutions that they actually implement. A coach helps the client find the solutions to the problem themselves by adopting a methodology of questions and in depth exploration that leads to the solution.

In our videos we are concerned more with you making a profit and you helping your clients to make a profit. Clients do not hire a coach, a consultant or a mentor. They hire someone to help them improve their business. They hire someone that they feel comfortable with.

We will teach you how to start off as a consultant and then move into a coaching role.

We believe that by adopting a coaching framework you could most likely build a more profitable practice.

Let me explain. As a pure consultancy, you need to first find a client that understands that they have a problem. They then need to perceive you as an expert and they need to beleive that you can solve their problem. This limits your market size and then when you win the assignment your revenue is limited to solving the problem.

Coaching on the other hand broadens your entire market and offers you a different framework to market your services. In coaching your marketing communication is all about..."Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve in the last year" ... and when the answer inevitably comes back as NO, then your response is " I can help by keeping you focussed on your goals and actions. I can help by offering you simple proceeses to ensure that you achieve these goals and I can be there as a confidant, advisor and sometimes as a mentor to help you to succeed."

Your methodology then revolves around diagnostics, goal setting and action planning. And from a billing perspective you bill on a monthly regular basis. You provide regular management guidance that covers broader issues and problem solves along the way.

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Try our Business Planning software, our one page scorecard software or our coaching training programs. These tools are invaluable whether you are starting a coaching business or consulting business or running your own business. When you subscribe to the Free mini MBA program you will receive some great profit improvement tools such as the following…

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Why Exit Strategy?

Consider this: seventeen per cent of small business owners are planning to leave their business in the next two years and 40 per cent are aiming to leave in five years. Whether you live in Australia, USA, Canada, USA, NZ, the UK or South Africa the research is the same. There are a massive amount of Business Owners that will be looking to retire over the coming years.

Thirty per cent of small business owners in Australia are now over 50 years of age and this rate is increasing each year. In Canada it is estimated that within the next 15 years, more than half of the country’s current small business owners are expected to retire. In the US in 2001, 77 million Americans were 50 and older (comprising 28% of the population). By 2020 that segment will be 36% of the population.

There is no doubt that, as the baby boomers near retirement and the average age of small business owners increases, the age-old laws of supply and demand will come into play.  In such a crowded marketplace business owners will need to present their business in an appealing, professional manner to stand out from the competition and achieve the maximum return.

Sixty six per cent of owners, in this country, plan to use their business as their primary source of retirement income; forty three per cent aim to realise a lump sum benefit from the business; and 31 per cent expect an income stream.

For these people selling the business in order to retire, it is of paramount importance that the sale price will allow them to retire comfortably and not compromise their quality of life.

Research shows 70 per cent of businesses think succession and exit strategy planning is important but only 12 per cent have a documented plan. Unsurprisingly, the main motivating factor for the creation of a plan is age. 

A major impediment to succession planning is that most entrepreneurs don’t understand the drivers that underpin the creation of an exit strategy. Selling a business is a marketing exercise that requires planning, preparation and a compelling pitch.  An exit strategy needs to be achievable and have a realistic timeframe and measurable milestones.

The MAUS Accredited Partner Program unveils the key issues that need to be addressed in an exit plan, encompassing all the unique features of your client's business, life situation and price expectations.


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